My First Railway – Review

Little Tiger playing with the Brio My First Railway

Almost a week ago a big brown package arrived at our house and we opened it to find A Brio My First Railway inside (from 18 months old). Now Little Tiger is a big fan of Trains – probably to do with the fact that we have an embankment with a railway line running along the back of our garden and his bedroom window looks directly at them so they have been a big part of his life.

But the trains that we have got him in the past have had a major flaw with them at this early stage – the trains can only go on the track so the first thing that caught my attention on the packaging was that this railway had ramps…. Nana was visiting and we unpacked the box and got out the track, tunnel, ramps and trains. As I would expect from Brio the quality was amazing, the track nice and solid and easy for Little Tiger to play putting together.

The smile on his face says it all

We first put the track together in a circle but Little Tiger quickly became frustrated with the train only able to go around in a circle (yes that fatal flaw of many wooden train tracks without buying extension kits) but adding the ramps and suddenly the train was much more fun. It could go on the track or around the floor – the tunnel (a lovely soft fabric tunnel) was just one of the tunnels that the train has gone through – Tinkerbell’s bouncy chair is very popular tunnel. He now comes down stairs first thing in the morning and asks for his “Choo Choo Train” – Thanks to Nana it’s been named and easy to work out what he wants.

Train and carriages going through the tunnel

I like the train and carriages that come with the set – the carriages have an apple, two bananas and three pears on them which is great for picture recognition and counting as well as each of the carriages being a different colour – but that is from a Mum that is an ex-teacher and likes things that have a multiple purpose – LT just likes them as they have magnets that he can get the carriage in front to go without touching them by turning it the wrong way round.

The set is available from the Wooden Toy Shop as are many different wooden toys – the classic wooden dolls houses look amazing as do the play kitchens if like us you like a more traditional style of toys.

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3 Responses to My First Railway – Review

  1. Expat Mammy says:

    he looks like he’s having great fun.x

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